After watching the movie Cherry, I saw an interesting but sad point of view on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The movie walks us from the storm of thoughts that invade the mind of the veteran and war hero to his insatiable quest to calm those thoughts.

When we talk about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), we frequently think of children in the school setting having difficulty concentrating. While this is certainly the case (as each year around 6 million children are diagnosed with ADHD), we rarely associate ADHD with adolescents or adults despite its high incidence in these age groups.

Young people will be trained cognitively to improve their decision-making

Puerto Rico– In the next 30 days, ten young people who have faced problems with the law and who are in their rehabilitation process will be trained with a virtual reality cognitive tool to improve and develop their decision-making skills and regulate their emotions. This pilot program seeks to enable these young people to face a successful transition and integration to the free community.

In Puerto Rico, 48 percent of young people in juvenile institutions have been diagnosed with ADHD. ADHD is accompanied by impulsive and hyperactive decisions. …

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Durante los pasados 4 meses he estado experimentando una de las sensaciones más agradables en mi vida, la sensación de bienestar.

Antes de ese tiempo no fue así, había experimentado muchos éxitos y progresos tanto académicos como profesionales pero de salud no me sentía bien ni mucho menos en cuanto a rendimiento cognitivo.

Estando en varias oficinas médicas, con largas esperas y viendo a muchas personas pasar por problemas de salud, tuve mi introspección del porqué yo estaba allí. En ese momento decidí hacer un cambio radical en mis rutinas diarias. …

Mi peso al momento de este artículo

En mi país, Puerto Rico, el 16 de marzo de 2020 comenzamos una cuarentena, gracias a la pandemia del COVID-19, con distanciamiento social y otras cuantas restricciones a nivel de comercio. Durante ese momento decidí aprovechar para ponerme como meta rebajar ya que había ganado peso por haber estado tan sedentario a nivel de ejercicios y por tanto trabajo, viajes y comer sin consciencia. Había alcanzado las 260 libras y mi espalda lo sentía.

Al día de hoy (11 de junio 2020) peso 230 libras y contando porque mi meta es 220 para el 17 de julio 2020 (día de…

As a television series in which each chapter is a new challenge to face, many people are at the expectation of what will be next, which new symptoms will find associated with the COVID — 19, how many more will be infected, and how many will die.

Most people have no experience with pandemic. It’s a new experience that wakes us up the uncertainty of how to handle it.
The unresponsive questions are multiplied, especially if there is no immediate and accurate information on how much people are recovered. …

Social media, newspapers, and various communication channels have us covered with data about COVID — 19, but what happens with those people living in remote places? What about those who don’t have access to information or health care? To answer these questions, some MIT-HMS Alumni discuss possible solutions.

One of the lessons that I liked the most in the Bootcamp was creativity and problem solving using binary numbers. In my creativity exercise, I found that an old fashion solution may be recording educational videos on CD, DVD or pen drive, talking about how to protect yourself from the pandemic. Create…

The coronavirus transformed our lives and routines. The virus and the protocols to face it are similar around the world. However, what solutions are being implemented in countries such as Guatemala, Italy, Argentina, and Puerto Rico?

Joel Acevedo

Health Tech Innovator, Entrepreneur, and Professor. I’m the CEO of Sharp Focus VR.

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